• 05 Oct 2016 » Migrated my Blog

    I migrated my blog to Github and Jekyll. What’s more to say about that? [» read more...]

  • 19 Apr 2016 » On Ordered Sets

    General purpose OO languages - like Java or C# - come with a library for collection type objects like arrays, lists, and sets. If you throw in a static type system those languages usually differentiate between collection interfaces (List, Queue, Set) and implementing classes (ArrayList, PriorityQueue, HashSet). It's considered good practice to only expose the interface types in your API and use a suitable implementation under the hood. So far so good. [» read more...]

  • 16 Apr 2016 » Goodbye, JUnit 5

    Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a conflict within the team cannot be overcome with goodwill or compromises. Something (or someone) has to give. This time it was me. [» read more...]

  • 01 Aug 2014 » On-site TDD

    One of the recurring questions in TDD workshops is "How do I test private methods?“. My usual answer is worded along the following lines: "You don’t. Any private method should be tested through the public interface. If you think the private method is complex enough for deserving its own test(s), extract it to a public place and test it there.“ I still think this is the best general answer I can give, however, I recently discovered a set of situations that I handle differently. [» read more...]

  • 26 May 2014 » Veterans of TDD: Lasse Koskela

    I "recorded" episode 6 using email ping pong with Lasse. Since I knew that his company is involved in funding start-ups, the TDD vs learning-what-product-to-built angle was especially interesting to me. [» read more...]

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