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Actually, I thought it would be much easier to find a suitable provider for my first blogging attempts. Since my goal is to provide content and not to configure the myriads of layout options and "skins", I'm somewhat disappointed about the poor current looks of this blog. Is anyone out there willing to help me polish it up?

Anyway, what I'm planning for the next days / weeks to come is a short series on AJAX, i.e. my experiences when trying to make it work for me. Having been a professional software developer for more than 10 years now (mostly in the J2EE realm during the last 6), I am feeling more and more bored when trying to remember yet another API and trying to apply yet another framework and trying to convince clients and colleagues yet another time that automatic testing actually saves money and so on and so on...

AJAX definitely came as a kind of Saviour to help me out of this tech boredom. For the first time in years I got excited about some new technology and the possibilities it seems to offer. That's why I started my personal voyage into the intricacy of a seemingly simple thing: Asynchronous Javascript and XML. Are you interested in my travelogue? Hang on then...



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