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My not so private tech life has been rather quite during the last weeks. That's mainly due to the fact that I'm in the midst of changing my employer, i.e., I'm on holidays with the old one and haven't yet started work for the new one.

Leaving a company and its people behind after seven successful years is quite an emotional experience for me and it made me wonder why I had decided to join andrena objects in 1999. Thinking this over revealed my tiny little "pattern" of how to decide on the right employer: I had chosen the previous jobs because I wanted to find a place where I'd be taught how to do things right. Although I got to know really smart people from whom I learned tons of useful stuff, all in all, no one succeeded in showing me how to do software development - as a profession - right.

With andrena I had changed my tactics: andrena seemed to be a place where I could try out ideas of my own and see if they would work. This was definitely a much better approach which eventually provided me with at least some basic insights into how software development - as a profession - can be done right. Thank you, andrena!

Hopefully, this approach will pay off with 100world as well.

(*) book title by Raymond Chandler, definitely one of my favourite American writers.



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