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Achim, a friend of mine, tells a funny story about his experience with Deutsche Post and its standardized processes and procedures. Deutsch Post World Net claims to be the world's leading logistics group so I guess that by and large what they do works in a reasonably efficient way. However, the bigger a company the more likely you will find it enforces useless or even dysfunctional processes and workflows.

One thing that strikes me is that, nevertheless, many smaller companies try to make a profit by imitating the giants. I liked what I recently picked up in a podcast:

Large companies are successful not because but despite their size. Trying to be successful by becoming large is like trying to become an opera singer by growing fat.

I haven't managed to find the quote's original source. It MIGHT be Peter Coffee's keynote of the Agile 2006 Conference - but I'm not sure. Listening to what he has to say is worthwhile at any rate.


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