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Those who follow me on twitter and understand German already know that I'm in the midst of crowdfunding a book:

The book has three purposes:

  • Capturing the state of test-driven development as I see it
  • Choosing code examples from a domain that is both interesting and challenging: Cryptography
  • Providing up-to-date learning material about TDD for the German speaking development community

Currently basic funding for about two months fulltime work is covered, but not much more. I'm somewhat nervous that when summer comes I'll have to stop working on the book in order to feed wife and offspring. So maybe you want to support me and sponsor a few more pages? Even if you cannot read German, there might be something in it for you: I will definitely publish some of the advanced material on this blog in English. For example, a series of interviews with "Veterans of TDD" is already in the make. And - who knows - maybe the English version of the book will follow suite.


Support a new TDD book on the crowdfunding platform Startnext.

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