You probably couldn't help notice my very subtle hints to JayJax, the yet unknown little Ajax blah blah blah...

JayJax is my most recent baby, and like any parent I consider it to be the most beautiful of all. Well, almost. Let's say, I hope it has potential.

I am quite happy that software developers aren't nearly as prolific with real babies as they are with their framework ones. How many of the over 100k sourceforge projects have been abandoned and become orphans over time?

The goals of JayJax are manifold:

Just this much about my personal wishing well. Of course, the project's current state - release 0.5.0 beta - is far from fulfilling all the above: MVP is supported reasonably well, but as for all the rest there are just fragments. Since there's a new job looming large, I won't be able to keep support up all on my own; thus I'm in desperate need for help:

So please, just drop me a note:

No act of kindness, however small, is wasted.

Of course, all criticism, appreciation and hints are also welcome. In order to convince you that JayJax is worthwhile, I'm going to present how this example can be put into practice. But that's definitely material for a next episode...